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Cover art for Excuse My English by Blueprint hakeem & Blahk Santa


Releasing albums and EPs seems to be a difficulty for our artists, and that is why most of our artists are bent on releasing singles. Blueprint Hakeem is one of those heretic, genuis, and unorthodox kind of artists, that do not concur with the stereotypes. He has proven this by releasing albums and EPs and he never leaves his fans hungry.

The EP “Excuse My English” was released on 19 August 2017. The EP consists of Five (5) songs that cover a wide range of ideas, from love, to the hustle, to recreation. This EP has been broadcast on 237xclusive radio  more than a hundred times and was nominated best Ep/Album at Urban Jamz 2018.

In my personal opinion, Switch Up was the best song on this Ep. Why? I’m the type of dude to nod my head while listening to something banging. This song will have you doing “dabs” all through. Blueprint’s style looked a lot different on this song especially for the fact that he was twisting (rapping fast).

Blahk Santa produced all songs on this project and he wrote and delivered the Chorus of EVERYDAY, the third track on the EP.

The EME EP also had Young Fame (believed to be Blueprint Hakeem’s younger brother) featured on the fourth track; The Business.

Listen to Excuse My English EP and tell us what you think about it.
What’s your best song or best verse or best line?
Share with us in the comment section.
Thank You.

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