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Anticipate “Allo” by Jovi

New Bell Music is at it again. Jovi, believed to be Cameroon’s best rapper, just released a teaser of his new single entitled “Allo”. The teaser is hot. Jovi never fails to deliver, he is known for his striking punchlines. The teaser tells how hot the full song will be.

Jovi’s last appearance was on his last single “Pimentcam”, released not too long after Tata’s Banekeh in which he was featured.

2018 is kicking off with a lot of music and not just any kind of music, but music that reflects the type of competition that exists between Cameroonian artists. Nobody is putting out gibberish anymore, probably because there is no space for artists without content in our industry.

Just three (3) months into 2018 and artists are shooting spikes at the target
board. It’s impressive. While waiting for the first hit of the year, anticipate Jovi’s Allo.

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