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Anu – Time No Dey


Anu Nuvega Nguasong, known popularly as Anu, is a rap artist and singer from Bamenda, Cameroon. This dude is an artist with fire in his veins, his songs, his lyrics, and his concepts make a remarkable difference.

Anu dropped a couple of singles in the past, even though his singles were slept on. I personally listened to Till E Show by Anu on loop. His singles prove that he is a promising artist full of positive energy, one that can impact the industry if he keeps the zeal burning.

This young icon just refreshed the game and fought his way back into the light with his new single, Time No Dey. Time No Dey basically is a song that encourages work, promotes vision and hard work, but most importantly, the single throws light on Anu’s life, why he hasn’t been putting music out, for how long he has been in the shadows, and what we(his fans) should expect from now on – More music.

Time No Dey was released on February 15, 2018, was produced by 50stylez and
mastered by K-Mister K mix.

Download Time No Dey by Anu, listen and please tell us your thoughts in the
comment section.

ANU - Time No Dey

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