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Anticipate Jovi – Something


After his latest release, that is, Allo which was released on March 23, 2018, Jovi has not been sleeping at all and we all know the reason why. Obviously because “Devil no di Sleep“. Jovi has been working on another single and from his new teaser, this single is entitled “something“.

Unlike many artists in Cameroon, Jovi is a hardworking artist who never ceases to amaze his fans. There is always enough content for Jovi, which is another reason why his fans never express dissatisfaction in him. His hard-work, determination and discipline have gone a long way to ensure success for him. Topnotch without a doubt.

Let me explain that.

Last year, 2017, Jovi dropped a sixteen(16) song album entitled “16 Wives“, and since the start of 2018, Jovi has made two major appearances. First, he was all over Tata‘s Banekeh Video in February, and second, this March, Jovi dropped a new single, Allo and already, his third appearance is around the corner.

New Bell Music CEO, Jovi is an artist to always watch out for, an artist without season.
What is Jovi up to?
What plans does he have for the year 2018?
With this speed, is he going to maintain constancy or just fall off soon?

Real is Rare!

But for now, check out Jovi’s teaser and tell us what you think in the comment section.

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